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Kinetic Development Group

The mission at Kinetic Development Group is to design and manufacture innovative small-arms accessories and complete systems utilizing the latest materials and fabrication technologies.  Kinetic products set the bar for quality craftsmanship, reliability, relevance and performance. 

Kinetic energy is the energy of motion or momentum. Potential energy is energy stored in a system of forcefully interacting physical entities. The founding team believes that they have the Kinetic and Potential energy to dominate the premium tactical accessory market. They chose Kinetic Development Group the perfect descriptive name for the team and their innovative products.

The Logo was purposeful in its design. The intersecting Lines internally on the logo demonstrate kinetic and potential energy, surrounded by firearms locking lugs represents the field of expertise and strength of the team.

Kinetic started by focusing on what they saw as deficits with the quality rifles and carbines on the market, at least those perceived by the serious end user and warfighter. The first projects were to increase the capability and add user-friendly modularity to the FN SCAR 16s and 17s, with the MREX or Modular Receiver Extension. The MREX not only extends the SCAR hand guard to a practical length, but allows you to put Picatinny rail or accessories only where you need them utilizing the MLOK system. It also features multiple QD sling attachment points. This transforms the SCAR from an awkward carbine to a comfortable open architecture carbine configurable with any number of accessories.   The MREX allows you to hold and fire the weapon like a conventional rifle and it only adds 2.5oz to the weight of the weapon.