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DAS Reactive Knock-Down Targets (RKT)


Product Description

DAS Reactive Knock-Down Targets© (RKT)

Dynamic Action Sport© (DAS) Reactive Knock-Down Targets© (RKT) were designed to be used in conjunction with Airsoft, UTM (Ultimate Training Munitions) Man Marker Rounds, and Simunitions FX Rounds. Conceived specifically for supplemental firearms training, sporting events, shooting enthusiasts and hobbyists, the RKT© are simple yet robust reactive targets that help reinforce basic marksmanship skills. Separate A-zone head and torso knock-down plates can be engaged and knocked down independent of one another without the other plate sympathetically falling prematurely.

The RKT's silhouette is shaped approximately to the dimensions of an IPSC/IDPA A-C zone. The torso knock-down plate represents the upper half of an IPSC A-zone, and the small head knock-down plate represents the IPSC/IDPA head A-zone.


• The silhouette of the RKT© is made from precision cut sheet steel.

• The mounting brackets are pre-folded to be mounted to a pair of 1"x2" wood strips* with the included hardware. They have a 1" mounting slot to allow the silhouettes to be adjusted for angle to ensure easy and consistent knock down from a variety of training munitions.

• The hinged knock-down plates are made from durable thick plastic sheets and are not made from steel. This was a deliberate design choice as it allowed the two target zones to be engaged independent of one another.

• A padded rear bracket is included which when mounted behind the silhouette protect's the torso plate as it is knocked down and reduces vibrations which could lead to sympathetic knock-down of the head plate.

*  wood strips are not included but commonly available at all hardware stores

Target Dimensions

+ Silhouette overall dimensions is approximately 30.5cm Width x 60cm Height / 12" x 24"

+ Torso knock-down plate is 15cm Width x 15 cm Height / 6" x 6"

+ Head knock-down plate is about 10cm Width x 5cm Height / 4" x 2"

+ Pre-painted light brown/cardboard tan color

Package includes:

+ Prebuilt Reactive Knock-Down Target

+ Rear Torso Bracket

+ Mounting Hardware

+ Installation Instructions

+ Target Stand Build Instructions

Package does not include:

+ Wood Strips

+ Target Stand Base parts


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