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When it comes to training, simulation, and the ultimate experience, there’s PTS and then there’s everyone else.  

With RDT&E (Research, Development, Test & Evaluation) Teams in both USA and Asia and using the best materials and manufacturing processes, PTS Syndicate is committed to bringing the highest quality and innovative products onto the market to meet and exceed the exacting standards of the most discriminating end user. 

PTS is also a prolific exclusive replica licensor of the latest and greatest products in the tactical weapons market and have an excellent reputation as a trusted licensing partner that works closely with our licensors to extend awareness of their brands into a new market space.

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Our current licensors include



BattleComp was born to meet a void in the industry. The brainchild of a law enforcement officer and an engineer, they saw that all the popular muzzle devices excelled in some ways but often compromised in others : The flash suppressors provide no recoil reduction. The muzzle brakes are unsuited for team, hallway, or any real serious defensive use because they beat up your teammates/family members. The devices that project muzzle blast forward have negatives in that they either weigh a huge amount, effecting target to target movement in a multiple target scenario, or they provide no recoil compensation. Thus was born BattleComp: a compensator for everyman. The BattleComp is the nexus of recoil reduction, muzzle climb reduction and reasonable cost that allows anyone to effectively utilize the AR-15 platform to it's ultimate purpose: allowing faster placement of lead on a target with almost NO negative consequences.

It is the muzzle brake designed for the tactical end-user, by tactical end-users.

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Battle Arms Development


The PTS Battle Arms Development Ambidextrous Safety Selector, or often affectionately referred to as the BAD-ASS, is designed for both left and right handed shooters who prefer the versatility of ambidextrous gun manipulation. It allows the user to operate the gun as efficiently as possible no matter which side they're firing from.

One truly unique feature of the BAD-Ambi Safety Selector that sets it apart from other selectors is the lever design which allows the user to configure either side of the ambidextrous selector in whatever manner best suits the way they personally run the gun. PTS includes five different levers with each BAD-Ambi Selector set so the gun can be set up in an optimal configuration for the shooter.

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Centurion Arms


Centurion Arms is founded and owned by Monty LeClair.  Monty is a combat experienced active duty Navy SEAL sniper who has served on multiple SEAL Teams and is currently the course chief and instructor of the US Navy SEAL Sniper School. He brings years of operational experience and knowledge to his Centurion Arms products to ensure they are everything the modern day warrior needs for an AR15 rifle.

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GoGun USA designs and produces a variety of parts for custom firearms. Their signature ground breaking Gas Pedal grip has changed the way handguns are used. They have a variety of Pistol, Shotgun and Rifle parts for both the tactical and competitive shooter. Obsessed with producing the best brakes on the planet, their answer is the  SuperComp Talon Brake and SuperComp NoTalon Brake.

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Fortis Manufacturing Inc


Our aim is to provide "Operator" needed strength with exceptional design and aesthetics at an affordable price.  We are passionate about bringing the best AR15/M16 products to market.  Fortis Manufacturing, Inc. (FMI), utilizes only the highest quality materials available and machining that is second to none. 

Every product designed by FMI™ undergoes a strenuous testing and evaluation period with a diverse group of select professionals. Feedback is collected at the end of the testing period and evaluated.  If design changes are warranted, further samples are constructed and sent back out for further testing. It is not until all issues have been resolved and all feedback has been addressed that a product is considered ready for production.

It is this philosophy that ensures each product will meet or exceed the heavy demands of the professionals who use them.

All parts minus (morale patches) are made in America.

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Griffin Armament


Griffin Armament was founded by a pair of sniper qualified, two-tour Army Combat Infantry veterans of Operation Iraqi Freedom. Leaving the military with a passion for engineering and producing accessories to better equip shooters, Griffin Armament was born. Today, Griffin Armament designs and manufactures a variety of specialized muzzle devices for a wide range of end-user needs. PTS is proud to be the exclusive licensee for replica airsoft accessories based on Griffin Armament's products.

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Mega Arms


Mega Machine was purchased in 1984. It was formerly known as Parrot Machine Shop which was founded before the turn of the 20th century. From our facilities in Tumwater, Washington, we serve clients from the aerospace, heavy-equipment and firearms industries.

Additionally, we also serve individual clients for single part machining, fabrication, and repair work. We pride ourselves in keeping up with the latest in machining technologies. Our expansive shop includes 3, 4, and 5-axis milling machines, a 5-axis C.M.M. inspector, and a 2000 watt C.N.C. laser cutter. 
This commitment to industrial innovation allows us to fabricate your project quickly and to your exact specifications.
We are known best for our production of precision AR-15 components. Our high quality and
true-black anodizing is unsurpassed in the rifle production industry. For more information or to order, visit our Mega Arms page.

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Rainier Arms


Rainier Arms® was started by enthusiasts for enthusiasts. Specializing in high end AR15s/M16s, parts & accessories, their motto was: "If we won't use it, we won't sell it." Founded in 2005, Rainier Arms® was established (and continues to this day) as a firearms and parts supplier. As time passed, they had a desire for products made a certain way and knew that the only way to make that possible was to make those products themselves. And as evidenced by the popularity of their own products they're off to a good start.

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US PALM (Primary Armament Logistical Mfg)


US PALM is dedicated to developing and producing the world’s finest firearms enhancements and accessories. One of the things that make US PALM different is that they are constantly working to refine their product lines. While many of their designs are revolutionary, they believe in maintaining an evolutionary product design mindset. By staying informed through their cadre of industry professionals --including military and police active duty personnel, firearms instructors, manufacturing experts, and technical advisors-- they amass the collective wisdom of many to bring new products, or product refinements, that answer the questions and needs of front line war-fighters.

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Unity Tactical


Innovative, Adaptive, Decisive.   Design and Validation for the Tactical Community.  Home of the patent-pending FUSION™ system, ATOM™ pistol optic mount, and lots of other awesomeness.

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